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What Could Liberals Learn From Physics?


Below is the transcript of my 4-minute video: https://youtu.be/OwzKlFpIt_E

Hello IÕm Dr. Valentin Voroshilov.


What I have here is a 200 g weight, a 500 g weight, a cylinder made of iron, and a bar magnet.


And of course, if I use a magnet, I can lift the weight; it is not strong enough to lift a 500 g one,


but the iron cylinder doesnÕt do anything at all.

Why? WhatÕs the difference?

Well if we look inside of an iron cylinder and a magnet, we will see atoms and electrons. And the simplest model which helps to understand the difference is: they both have billions and billions of tiny magnets inside, but in the bar magnet those tiny magnets are all aligned; each tiny magnet exerts a tiny force, but because they all point in the same direction, they exert a strong force, strong enough to lift the weight. 

But here all tiny magnets point in all possible directions, and they cancel each other out.  That is why this bar doesnÕt produce any force.

How can we change this?  Well, we need to align all those tiny magnets in the same direction.

To do that we can apply an external field.

Like, if we take this coil or a solenoid, and we connect a battery, in that case what we see, this magnet now is strong enough to lift a five hundred gram weight.

What lesson can we extract from this simple experiment?

Well, in a social world, social forces work in away very similar to physical forces work in a physical world.

If you have been following the Presidential campaign, you should remember, that as soon as one Fox News anchor would say something, the next anchor would repeat it, and they would repeat if again, and again, and again.

Liberal media used to make fun, they used to laugh at conservatives.

Well, we are liberals, we are so creative, we donÕt need to repeat the same things again, and again, right?

But, whoÕs laughing now?

Nowadays, liberal media are happy to report about every single outburst of a ÒresistanceÓ.

Clearly, they have forgotten the fate of ÒOccupy Wall-StreetÓ movement.

They keep laughing at conservatives for repetitiveness of their news and analysis.

They donÕt understand that conservative media generated that media field that aligns all the conservative movement in one direction.

Liberals just keep laughing.

Well, they just happy to have a material, I guess.

They are happy to have a job.

Well, the question is for how long?

If anybody would like to know how liberals can start aligning their forces in one direction, please, check my open letter to four senators.


Fight smart!

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